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Q. How do I start a genset - How and when do I change the Fuel knob?

A genset can be started by following the below given steps:

Drain the kerosene from the carburetor

Turn the fuel cock to “Start” position

Switch “ON” the Engine switch

Pull the Recoil briskly towards yourself

Once the Engine starts, Turn the Fuel Cock to run Position

Q. How is Four- Stroke Engine better than Two - Stroke Engine?
A. Honda Four-stroke engines are superior to two-stroke engines in a number of respects. For example, they exhibit outstanding power and durability, and operational noise is exceptionally low. Also, exhaust is cleaner and there is less smoke with Honda four-strokes, since there is no need to blend oil with the gasoline. And while we can say that fuel consumption is lower with Honda four-stroke engines that with comparable two-stroke engines, this is especially true of Honda’s OHV engines – they consume approximately 30% less fuel and 50% less oil than side valve engines. In comparison with diesel engines, gasoline engines emit less operational noise, are lighter in weight, and cost less to purchase.
Q. What is frequency of current?
A. In India all the Power Supplies are of 50 Hertz or Cycles per Second which is the Frequency of the current where as the normal Voltage Output is 220 Volts.
Q. What is the difference between AC and DC current?
A. With DC (Direct current), the current always flows in one direction with no relation to change in time, as is the case with a dry cell battery or a car battery. (The DC output of Honda generators is for charging batteries only.) Alternating current, on the other hand, reverses its direction at uniform time intervals. Almost all-household electrical appliances are made to run on alternating current.
Q. What is the wattage required for motor based appliances like Refrigerator, Cooler, Water Pump etc. Will 500 W Water Pump run with 500 W of load consideration?
A. Well, let’s use an example to illustrate why. When moving a heavy object, more power is required to get it moving than to push it once movement has begun. This same principle, which is called “electromotive force”, applies to motors. A motor requires more than the indicated amount of power to get it started. When a motor is to be powered by a generator, the generator must have a maximum output level equal to from 1.0 ~ 1.5 times (for series motors) or 2.5 ~ 5.0 times (for induction motors) the designated power consumption of the motor. That is why a 400 VA generator can not be used with a device incorporating a 400W motor.
Q. What is the difference between Watts and KVA?
A. “W” indicates actual power consumption, while “VA” is potential power. The electricity used by electrical appliances when they are actually working is called power consumption (W).
Q. Can a Generator starts and switches Off Automatically? What is a change over switch?
A. Yes, a generator can switch off once the power comes if a ‘Change over switch’ is installed. For automatic start, a device AMF (Auto Mains Failure) can be installed with the genset.
Q. Why do you need petrol for start and kerosene for running?
A. This is because Petrol has lower Flash Point (temperature at which it burns) compared to Kerosene. Hence the ignition (Start) is faster & easier with Petrol, so once the Generator starts we then change to Kerosene.
Q. Can LPG based genset be used in Cold temperature areas?

Honda does not recommend usage of LPG Genset at places with extreme cold climatic conditions. In Indian LPG, butane is the main constituent, which do not have pressure in cold temperature.

To fill the gas in cylinder, it is compressed to 5~7 Kg/Cm2 at normal

When we withdraw gas from cylinder, it takes latent heat from atmosphere
     through the walls of cylinder for conversion from liquid to gas.

In cold temperature, conversion of liquid petroleum into gaseous form gets slow due to lack of adequate latent heat. Hence, if the gas is continuously withdrawn for long period, small droplets / icy layer accommodate around the cylinder wall and ultimately gas supply is reduced drastically.

Q. What is the noise what does dBA means in noise?
A. Generator is an engine driven equipment and therefore it is subjected to produce noise while in operation. In fact, dB (decibel) is the measuring unit of Sound Power Level and A is the class of noise level. All the Honda generators produce noise less than 86 dBA that is the limit prescribed by the Government of India.
Q. What is the function of a circuit breaker?
A. Circuit breaker is provided to prevent the genset from overloading. In case the genset is loaded beyond the Specified load capacity, the genset will trip and Engine will come to No load condition. The Circuit breaker will have to be manually reset after removing the extra load.
Q. What is the difference between Rated and Maximum Output?
A. Rated output is the output at which a generator can be used continuously for an extended period of time. Maximum output is the maximum electrical output that a generator is capable of, but at which it cannot be used continuously for an extended period of time.
Q. How does a key start work?
A. Generally, recoil is pulled to start the generator. However, key start feature has been designed to start the generator without any extra effort.

When we rotate the key, battery backup of the generator energise the motor as a result gear mechanism of engine takes rotation and the engine gets started. Once the engine starts, gear mechanism of self-motor gets disengaged. Battery of the genset gets charged automatically while genset is in operation.
Q. What is Oil Alert system for?
A. When the Oil level in the genset comes below the specified limit the Oil Alert bulb will blink indicating that the oil is low. Also the Genset will not start till the oil level is refilled. This facility protects the genset against engine seizure.
Q. How often should I change the oil?
A. Engine Oil should be replaced with every 100 hours of running of the genset. Honda recommends use Engine Oil of API - SF grade 20W40 & 15W40
Q. What are the changes required to operate a genset at high altitudes?
A. At altitudes greater than 1,500 meters, the air is comparatively thinner, so a generator’s fuel mixture becomes richer. As a result, the diameter of the main jet in the carburetor must be reduced. It should be noted, too, that output is lower due to the thinner air
Q. What sort of procedures should be taken to prepare a generator for long-term storage?
A. Drain the gasoline from the carburetor and fuel tank.

Pull the recoil starter rope out slowly and stop when the tension increases.

Wipe the body with a clean, dry cloth.

Cover the generator to protect it from dust.

Place the generator so that it sits level, in a spot with good ventilation and low
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