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  Honda Siel Power Products Limited, India's No. 1 Power Products Company, Manufacturing & Marketing - Portable Gensets, Water Pumps, General Purpose Engines, Lawn Movers, Brush Cutters  

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Showroom & Sales Office :
# 3, Opp : Veterinary College,
Next to Cafe Coffee Day
Near CBI Office, Bellary Road
Bangalore - 560 024.
Tel : 42146675 / 92
Mob : 98452 04711,
Email : apg@hondapowerproducts-akash.com




A US $ 84.3 Billion Enterprise with over 19.6 million products sold annually.
95 Production Facilities in 34 countries.
Over 5.9 million Portable Power Products sold annually.
Over 46 million Portable Power Products existing customers base worldwide.


Respect for the Individual
The Three Joys
Joy of Buying
Joy of Selling
Joy of Creation


" Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality,
yet at a reasonable price for world wide customer satisfaction."


"Proceed always with ambition and youthfulness.
Respect sound theory, develop fresh ideas and make the most effective use of time.
Enjoy your work and encourage open communications
Strive constantly for a harmonious flow of work.
Be ever mindful of the value of research and endeavour."


Existing over the years, Honda has gained prominence in the global community through ceaseless innovation and a commitment to servicing the needs of society. Honda's unique corporate culture and groundbreaking approach to developing new technologies enable the organisation to develop exciting new products that provide freedom of movement for people around the world. With responsibility to the environment, a commitment to local markets, and respect for people as its guiding principles, Honda aims to contribute to an increasingly mobile society characterised by quality of life, comfort and convenience. A local approach with a global outlook best meets the individual needs of diverse markets. Honda's philosophy is to produce where there is market demand. By integrating with local customs and cultures, and making use of local management resources, Honda has been able to serve the people better of the regions in which it operates. Products meeting specific needs in each of four world market regions i.e. America, Europe, Middle East and Africa/ Asia and Oceania/ Japan - are developed, produced, and sold in these regions Honda's global network enables the exchange of ideas and information among employees to assure a higher level of creativity in technology and products. At Honda, every employee knows that our founder's first commercial product release was an engine. Over the years, Honda has come to lead the industry in engine manufacturing, creating everything from small electric bicycle motors to some of the largest and most powerful automotive racing engines in the world. In recent years, the Honda name evokes images of motorcycle, automobiles, and power equipment products. Each of these three product categories constitutes a viable and robust industry in its own right. As these operations develop and grow, each with its own distinctive technology and business style, Honda as a whole is enriched by the diversity of products and enterprises that are based, as always, upon the "JET ENGINE" that first made Honda great. Engines that are now the cleanest, most popular - in the world.

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